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Registry Department

Alh. Muhammad Sani Aminu

The Registrar who serves as the chief administrative officer is responsible for the day-to-day running of the university.

He also serves as the secretary to council, the senate and the congregation. He heads one of the biggest non- academic department – The Registry.

The Registry handles all formal correspondence on staff appointments, resignation, contracts, supplies, and property matters. It also handles student's admission and serves as the Secretariat of the council, senate and the University congregation.

The Registry of Northwest University, Kano as an integral part of the University, is committed to making Northwest University a world-class institution and has indeed worked assiduously to uphold the vision and mission as conceived by the founding fathers. In terms of ensuring quality assurance, the Northwest Registry has distinguished itself as the sole keeper of the university records, rules and regulations and provides all the secretarial services of the university.

The Registry is structured into Divisions all answerable to the Registrar and charged with providing excellent services towards the effective day-to-day administration of the university comprises of;