Faculty of Basic Medical Science

Faculty of Science, Northwest University is one of the four Faculties the university started with, it has Five Departments;

  1. Department of Biochemistry
  2. Department of Anatomy
  3. Department of Physiology

The faculty has 4 well equipped laboratories;
Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Biochemistry labs.

The faculty has the following as Head of departments;.

  1. Dr. Tijjani RufaĆ­ Buhari HOD Biological Science
  2. Dr. Amina Salihi Bayero HOD Chemistry
  3. Dr. Lawan A. HOD Computer Science
  4. Dr. Ibrahim Abdullahi HOD Mathematics
  5. Dr. Fatima S. Koki HOD Physics

Academic Activities

Academic activities in the Faculty commenced in earnest on March, 2013 with lectures, practicals, tutorials and field trips.

The Faculty has reviewed the university syllabus based on benchmark minimum academic standard (BMAS) approved by National Universities Commisiion (NUC) and in line with it, has prepared prospectus and students handbook for each program offered in the faculty.

Vision of the Faculty

To be a leading center for science education, research and development in Nigeria.

Mission of the Faculty

The faculty plans to achieve its vision through the following;.

  1. To promote excellence in teaching, research and scholarship
  2. To provide high quality degree programmes and research of international standards to develop the scientific perspective of the students and to meet natioanal needs and aspirations
  3. To foster collaborations with academic institutions and professional bodies within and outside Nigeria
  4. To impact positively on the local and professional communities thereby increasing their awareness of the university