Faculty of Humanities

Since the establishment of Northwest University, Kano, The faculty of Humanities has acquired the reputation as leading research and undergraduate faculty teaching in various domains ranging from English Language, History, International Studies, and Islamic Studies as well as Arabic language.

The faculty is considered the mother faculty in the university. It is a very innovative faculty having on its staff very experienced and enterprising people. The faculty is first to organize Ramadan Iftar (Breakfast) which invited members of the community, orphans, staff and management of the university including council members. The Chairman governing council of the university was so impressed that he promised to adopt it. The faculty also is the first in the university to organized faculty seminars which currently has organized five seminars since its establishment.

The faculty spearheaded partnership with IIIT and BUK to organize an International Conference on Islamic Universities in June, 2013.

The faculty of Humaniites has Three Departments namely-:

  1. Department of Languages
  2. Department of History and International Studies
  3. Department of Islamic Studies