Faculty of Education

The Faculty of Education is a teaching research and learning community with qualitative societal and cultural expertise, dedicated to providing changes in education and society. Research at the Faculty is focused on the changes and transformation processes taking place in educational environments local, national and even international contexts, and on the active role of education in this change. The results from research, projects and development activities influence society and qualities of education on all educational levels in Nigeria.

The Faculty comprises of Three departments;

Department of Arts and Social Science Education

Department of Science and Technical Education

Department of Library and Information Science

The programmes under the faculty aims to enhance the development of expertise in the field of teaching and learning, and is designed for formally qualified teachers interested in expanding and deepening their professional competencies. The programme focuses on various aspects of education including societal and global conditions for learning and Education.

Graduates from the programmes will have the knowledge and competencies to develop innovative educational practices, curricula and schools as qualified teachers, and organisers of learning.