Bachelor of Education courses

Year 1

Course Title Course Code Credits
Introduction to Pyscology EDU1201 2
Sociology of Education EDU1202 2
History of Nigerian Education EDU1203 2
Philosophy of Education EDU1204 2
Introduction to Curriculum Studies EDU1205 2
Use of English GSP1201 2
Foundations of Nigerian Culture GSP1202 2
Science Technology and Society GSP1203 2
Library Skills LIB1201 2

Year 2

Course Title Course Code Credits
Child and Adolescent Development EDU2201 2
Media Methods EDU2202 2
Introduction of Guidance and Counselling EDU2203 2
Introduction of Special Education EDU2204 2
Curriculum Studies EDU2205 2
Nigerian Government and Economy GSP2201 2
Peace and Conflict Resolution GSP2203 2

Year 3

Course Title Course Code Credits
Psycology of Education EDU3201 2
Educational Technology EDU3202 2
Guidance and Counselling EDU3203 2
Tests and Measurements EDU3204 2
Research Methods in Education EDU3205 2
Statistics in Education EDU3206 2
Introduction to Entrepreurship Education EDU3201 2

One Subject for Arts & Social Sciences

Islamic Studies Methods EDU3208 2
Arabic Methods EDU3209 2
English Methods EDU3210 2
History Methods EDU3212 2
Geography Methods EDU3213 2
Economics Methods EDU3214 2

One Subject for Sciences

Geography Methods EDU3208 2
Mathematics Methods EDU3209 2
Science Subject Methods EDU3210 2

Year 4

Course Title Course Code Credits
Teaching Practice EDU4401 4
Research Project EDU4602 6
Educational Planning and Administration EDU4203 2
Islamic Education EDU4204 2
Environmental Education EDU4205 2
Entrepreuneurship Education GSP4201 2